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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 



What is DAMUS?



DAMUS (Data Archival for Maximum Utilization System) is a free webbased application to promote maximizing research data utilization. DAMUS can be used as follows:
   1. Archive all materials for a research project, raw data, and research outputs as well as their impact
   2. Users can set the whole website or each materials within the site to be accessible by public, only invited members, or even to be a closed website for personal use only
   3. DAMUS will not make any changes to the contents prepared by the users, therefore, all are responsibilities of the users




Who participated in develping and maintaining DAMUS?



Owner: Medical Research Foundation (MRF), Thailand

Sponsor: National Health Security Office (NHSO), Thailand

   A. Consultant :             Prof. Pyatat Tassanavivat, MD.

   B. Team Leader:             Assoc.Prof. Bandit Thinkhamrop, Ph.D. (Statistics)

   C. Programmers:             Panuwat Prathumkham, B.Eng.
                               Chaiwat Thawarungrueng, B.Eng.

   D. Graphic Designer:        Kavin Thinkhamrop, M.P.H. (Biostatistics)

   E. Web Administrator:       Nintita Sripaiboonkit, M.P.H. (Biostatistics) 
                               Suthida Ruangsiri
                               Wimlin Khaosanit




Where is the office of DAMUS? 



Medical Research Network of the Consortium of Thai Medical Schools: MedResNet (Thailand)
4th Fl. Borommarajonani College of Nursing,
Bumrasnaradura Building 126/146 Tivanond Rd.,
Taladkwan, Muang District, Nonthaburi 11000 THAILAND
Tel: +66(0) 2951 0352, +66(0) 2951 0873, Ext.26
Fax: +66(0) 2951 0067




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